Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions



  • Only residents currently living in a Catholic Healthcare Retirement Village are eligible to participate in this Scheme (“Eligible Participants”).
  • Participation in the Scheme is deemed to be acceptance of these terms and conditions.
  • This scheme commences at 9am on Tuesday 23rd March 2021 and expires at 5pm on Friday 24th September 2021 (“Term”) unless all available places at the Retirement Village are filled prior to the expiry of the Term. Any referrals made after the expiry of the Term will not be eligible for participation in the Scheme.
  • Catholic Healthcare may at its sole discretion recognise referrals made up to 6 months prior to the Term.
  • A valid referral is a direct personal referral of the new resident made by an Eligible Participant during the Term of the Scheme using the prescribed referral documentation (“Referral Card”) that results in the person moving into the Village (“Valid Referral”).
  • If you make a Valid Referral, you will be entitled to receive a visa gift card to the total value of $500 (AUD) (“Referral Gift”) per Valid Referral resulting in a new resident moving in to a Catholic Healthcare Retirement Village.
  • The Referral Gift will be provided to the Eligible Participant 30 days after the date the new resident moves into the Retirement Village.
  • If Catholic Healthcare is (for whatever reason) unable to procure the Referral Gift, you will receive a substitute gift of commensurate value subject to these same terms and conditions.
  • You will not be eligible to receive the Referral Gift under this Scheme if the referred person is already registered on our Catholic Healthcare database or has already made direct contact with Catholic Healthcare as at the date of the referral.
  • The referred person must have consented to having their personal information provided to Catholic Healthcare for this Scheme prior to the date of the referral. You indemnify CHL for any claim arising out of your failure to obtain such consent. CHL will comply with the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth) in its handling and storage of such personal information.
  • It is your responsibility to contact Catholic Healthcare in order to claim your Referral Gift. The contact details are provided below:

Vanessa McKenzie

1300 221 271

  • Any persons can only be referred to Catholic Healthcare once.  In the event that a person is referred to CHL more than once, only the first Eligible Participant to refer that candidate to Catholic Healthcare (with the referred person’s permission) will be eligible for a Referral Gift under this Scheme.
  • The Referral Gift is not transferable or redeemable for cash.
  • Catholic Healthcare accepts no responsibility for any variation in the value of the prize for reasons beyond its control.
  • To the full extent permitted by the law, Catholic Healthcare is not liable for any delay, death, injury, damages, expenses, or loss whatsoever (whether direct or consequential) to persons or property as a result of or in connection with any person entering into the Scheme or accepting or using any Referral Gift, including without limitation non-receipt of any Referral Gift and the Eligible Participant’s failure to claim the Referral Gift.